The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine remains committed to the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, structural reforms, modernization of the security and defense sector, strengthening the rule of law and eradicating corruption. This was stated by Ruslan Stefanchuk during the meeting of the Commission for Coordination of the Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.
"In particular, last autumn the Parliament approved the Statement on priority issues of Ukraine's integration into the EU. The Verkhovna Rada has once again confirmed the invariability of the course of European integration and the readiness to make the necessary efforts," Ruslan Stefanchuk stressed.
The Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine also reminded of the holding of the first fundamental extraordinary session on European and North Atlantic integration last year, initiated by the President of Ukraine. Ruslan Stefanchuk hopes for a successful year of work towards Ukraine's rapprochement with the EU at the level of laws.
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