‘It is obviously important to make the global community aware that nowadays Ukraine is undergoing crucial changes not only in the security realm – the whole “room” of Ukraine is being “furnished” with reforms,’ commented A.Parubii in his conference speech. ‘Putin’s Russia to be recognized as a growing global threat, let alone the Russia vs. Ukraine armed conflict, is equally significant to make a publicly established truth.’

Within his American official visit, Andrii Parubii, the Ukrainian Parliament’s Speaker, participated in the conference ‘US-UA Working Group Yearly Summit V: Providing Ukraine with an Annual Report Card’. The speaker thanked to ‘American people for the valuable assistance they have been rendering to Ukraine in its struggle for the independence, for hundreds of lives saved’. Since World War II it had been Russia who has - for the first time - aggressively ruined inviolability of the European borders, committed a naked annexation of the Crimea, neglected the Helsinki Final Act, having pushed Ukrainians out on the forefront of defence of the world’s and European values.

In his summit talk the Ukrainian parliament’s head highlighted the most relevant points for the present Ukraine – acceleration of integration with NATO, joining in the world security system, the first step to which having been the recent NATO membership aim enacted legally. The next one could be a bilateral security treaty subject to further discussions between the U.S. and Ukraine. There were great achievements of the Ukrainian army, a drastic increase in the defence budget, overall reforms changing the whole social and economic structure of Ukraine let alone the visa free travel, the anti-graft advances including the newly established anti-corruption public bodies, “ProZorro” procurement system, the e-declarations, and the energy market amendments etc. mentioned in the head’s report, too.

‘The Ukrainian authorities undertake all these commitments under the ongoing Russia’s aggression, with the heavy casualties reported, and more than 2 million internally displaced persons forced to flee their homes; and this is as many as the EU presently has,’ added he then. ‘Our Euro-Atlantic strivings have been finally backed up by the majority of the Ukrainian population’.

Despite the above Russia is still mounting up its military presence in the Crimea, striving badly to frame there kind of wide launching pads system for would-be nuclear offensive weapons.

The Russia’s large-scale cyberattacks and its destructive geopolitical games leave no doubt that this aggressive country ought to be soon imposed with a far heavier sanction burden. ‘All I know tells me Russia does only understand the language of force. The free world must be able to stop this predator,’ stressed A.Parubii.
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