The Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk announced the results of the plenary session on January 16

Press Service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
16 January 2024, 17:43


On Tuesday, January 16, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a number of decisions:

7457-P – did not support the blocking resolution and thus unblocked the signing of the draft law on medical cannabis.


No. 10062 – improved and simplified the procedure for processing and using data in state registers for military registration and obtaining the status of a combatant during martial law, a person with a disability as a result of war, and a family member of the deceased Defenders of Ukraine.


No. 10242 – proposed to amend the Criminal Code of Ukraine and establish criminal liability for unauthorized dissemination and copying of information processed in information and communication systems, including public electronic registers. The document also proposes to increase criminal liability during martial law for criminal offenses in the use of information and communication systems.

No. 10202 – proposed to amend certain laws of Ukraine and expand the powers of executive bodies of village, town and city councils in the field of construction. The law, in particular, empowers local state, military-civilian and military administrations to act as customers for the construction and repair of residential buildings, social and industrial infrastructure.