Ukraine harvested 75.7 million tonnes of new crop

Press Service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
28 November 2023, 14:21


Despite the terrorist attacks of the enemy, the harvesting is coming to an end in Ukraine, the Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy informs.

Thus, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Odesa, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia regions have already completed the harvest. As of the third week of November, farmers harvested 75.7 million tonnes of grains and oilseeds.

Grain and pulses were harvested on an area of 10,237 thou hectares, yielding 55 mln 53 thou tonnes at 53.8 c/ha, including:

- wheat threshed on 4,694.5 thou hectares, harvested 22,478 thou tonnes (yield - 47.9 c/ha);

- corn was harvested on 3,325 thou hectares, yielding 24,878 thou tonnes (74.8 c/ha);

- barley was harvested on 1,504.5 thousand hectares, yielding 5,909 thousand tonnes (39.3 c/ha);

- peas were harvested on 154.4 thou hectares, yielding 399.5 thou tonnes (25.9 c/ha);

- buckwheat – 139.7 thou hectares, harvested 207.4 thou tonnes (yield - 14.8 c/ha);

- millet – 79.5 thou hectares, harvested 180 thou tonnes (yield - 22.6 c/ha);

- other grains and pulses were harvested on 339.9 thou hectares, yielding 1,002 thou tonnes.

Oilseeds were harvested on the area of 8,205.8 thou hectares, with a total harvest of 20 mln 703 thou tonnes, namely:

-sunflower was harvested on an area of 5,009.4 thou hectares, yielding 11 mln 929 thou tonnes of seeds at 23.8 c/ha;

- soybeans were harvested on an area of 1,800.4 thou hectares, yielding 4,769 thou tonnes at 26.5 c/ha;

- rapeseed harvesting is complete, it was harvested on an area of 1,396 thousand hectares, with a yield of 4.5 million tonnes of seeds at 28.7 c/ha.

Sugar beet harvesting is almost complete, with 236.3 thousand hectares dug up, 11 million 83 thousand tonnes of sweet roots harvested at a yield of 469.1 cwt/ha.