Weekly digest of legislative initiatives of the Committee on Economic Development

Press Service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
23 November 2023, 17:46


Oleksii Movchan, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development, traditionally informed about the work of the Committee on Economic Development in the weekly digest of legislative initiatives.

“The main event of the past week was the 62nd General Assembly of the PABSEC, which took place in Kyiv. My colleagues, the members of the PABSEC, and I promised that we would bring it to Kyiv, and we did. But the main achievement was that there were no russians at this meeting. For the first time in 30 years! We kicked them out!

The absence of russia allowed us to fully shape the agenda and deal with important economic issues. This includes ensuring stability in the global food market.

During the three days of work, the PABSEC participants:

Adopted a Declaration in which, inter alia, they strongly condemned russia's aggression against Ukraine and expressed solidarity and support for Ukraine.

Called on the BSEC Member States to define a strategy to overcome the challenges posed by the destructive behaviour of the aggressor states, which will determine the activities of the PABSEC and the BSEC in the future.

And most importantly, a working group has been set up to prepare amendments to the PABSEC Rules of Procedure to prescribe and legalise an effective and reliable mechanism for suspending or expelling national delegations in case their countries grossly violate the goals and objectives of the Organisation, and parliaments explicitly support such actions.

Also last week, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, on the initiative of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency and taking into account proposals from the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, amended Government Resolutions No. 719 and No. 558. By doing so, it improved the procedure for the sale of seized assets and introduced the possibility of selling them abroad.

From now on, all sales of Ukrainian seized property will be carried out exclusively on the electronic platform Prozorro.Sale, and sales of seized property abroad will be carried out by foreign organisers in accordance with European legislation. This is a guarantee of transparent, competitive and open rules for investors and potential buyers of seized assets.

In addition, we continue to work on the draft laws for which the Economic Development Committee has been assigned the lead role.