Harvest 2023: farmers have harvested 29 million tonnes of vegetables

Press Service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
23 November 2023, 17:44

Despite the war, Ukrainian agrarians continue to work and provide the country with food, the Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy informs.

Thus, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Ukrainian farmers harvested almost 29 million tonnes of vegetables as of the beginning of November. Most of them are potatoes – 21.2 million tonnes, as well as 7.1 million tonnes of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

Potatoes were harvested on an area of 1,183 thousand hectares. Zhytomyr region is the leader in potato production with over 2 million tonnes and Khmelnytskyi region with 1 million 980 thousand tonnes.

All other vegetables were harvested on an area of 367.6 thousand hectares, producing 7.1 million tonnes of crops, including 1.4 million tonnes of tomatoes, 1.3 million tonnes of cabbage, 877 thousand tonnes of onions, 810 thousand tonnes of carrots, 766 thousand tonnes of beetroot, 681 thousand tonnes of cucumbers, and 1.3 million tonnes of other vegetables.

The leader in harvesting vegetables other than potatoes in the total count is the farmers of Dnipro region, who grew 780 thousand tonnes of crops there. However, farmers in Mykolaiv region grew the most tomatoes – 275 thousand tonnes. The most abundant cabbage was produced in Lviv region – 234 thousand tonnes, and cucumbers in Kyiv region – 72.8 thousand tonnes.

Melons and gourds were harvested on an area of 29.8 thou hectares with a production of 283 thou tonnes, including 214 thou tonnes of watermelons and 69 thou tonnes of melons. Dnipro region is also a leader in harvesting melons and gourds, with 64 thsd tonnes of melons and watermelons produced.