Oleksandr Korniienko: We have to approach the same level as European cities – it is part of the European integration track

Press Service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
15 October 2023, 18:00

Oleksandr Korniienko, the First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, delivered a welcoming speech at the roundtable discussion “Peculiarities of legal regulation of improving the participation of local self-government in inter-territorial and cross-border cooperation”.

“The topic of decentralisation reform and improvement of the life of local self-government is the changes that should take place every day,” said Oleksandr Korniienko, noting that all Ukrainians want to have quality and fast services.

“This is a European vision, and it is important that we have moved on to the topic of regional development projects with the support of the European Commission. This is one of the areas that we can intensify sufficiently, and we are working on it,” he said.

The First Vice Speaker stressed that in times of full-scale aggression, he always emphasises the high role of local self-government: “From the way they defended their communities to the way they continue to maintain their capabilities and resources.”

“At the same time, large resource projects are already at the start – it is important to delve into them and realise that we have to get closer to the same level as European cities. This is part of the European integration track,” said Oleksandr Korniienko.

In conclusion, he expressed his gratitude to the Committee on State Building, Local Self-Government, Regional and Urban Development for their ongoing joint work and to USAID Ukraine for its support of the Ukrainian people.

For reference. The event was organised by the Committee on State Building, Local Governance, Regional and Urban Development jointly with the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine with the assistance and support of the USAID/Ukraine Local Government Performance and Accountability Improvement Project (HOVERLA).