Ruslan Stefanchuk: We need economically strong sanctions that can break the economic backbone of the killing machine

Informatiion Department
15 April 2022, 15:53

We need not partial, but strong, economically strong sanctions that can break the economic backbone of the killing machine. This was stated by  Ruslan Stefanchuk, the Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, during a joint visit with journalists to Borodyanka, Bucha and Irpin together with the Speaker of the Senate of the Czech Republic Milos Vystrcil and the Marshal of the Senate of Poland Tomasz Grodzki.

Ruslan Stefanchuk expressed his deep gratitude to the whole of Europe and each of its countries for their comprehensive support and unification around Ukraine. At the same time, the speaker stressed that tougher and stronger sanctions are needed for a complete victory over russia.

"A lot has already been done, but the enemy has not stopped yet. That means not enough has been done yet. It is our joint work to stop russia. And winners must be Ukraine and the whole civilised world. Then we will be able to celebrate victory together. We need not partial, but strong, economically strong sanctions that can break the economic backbone of the killing machine," said the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, adding that the fight against russia could not be declared by paying 35 billion euros for energy.

"We cannot finance the war that we want to end. Therefore what we need is full-scale sanctions in terms of a full embargo on all energy sources; therefore what we need is sanctions aimed at complete disconnection of all russian banks from SWIFT. Therefore, comprehensive support for Ukraine with the weapons is what we need today. These are the main tasks we have to do together. Because every day many Ukrainians lives are taken. The russians are afraid of Ukrainian soldiers, that is why the russians are at war with Ukrainian civilians. So I turn to Europe: we need more sanctions rolling out on russia. We need aid and weapons, too! We are fighting on our land, and we will win," Ruslan Stefanchuk assured all the attendees.

Marshal of the Polish Sejm Tomasz Grodzki assured his Ukrainian counterpart that Poland is ready to provide assistance to Ukraine in all possible areas.

"We will do everything possible, we will provide hospitality to people who come to us, we will provide material assistance, we will provide assistance in the form of weapons that are possible. I tell you from the depths of my heart, from the depths of my soul - Ukraine will never be alone, we will always be together," said Tomasz Grodzky.

For his part, the Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Milos Vystrcil noted that European countries consider it their duty to help Ukraine today, which stands guard over European democracy.

"It is our duty to help you with humanitarian aid, arms supplies, and help your women and children who have arrived in the Czech Republic. It is also our duty to help Ukraine after its victory, and I am confident that Ukraine will win. The restoration of Ukraine is also the restoration of a democratic, civilized Europe. We are with you, and we will be saying this not only in the Czech Republic, in Poland, but also throughout Europe and the entire world. We respect your courage and we are very grateful for that," said Milos Vistrcil.