"There are two ways to end this war, and we choose a collective victory"

Informatiion Department
14 March 2022, 11:32

Ukraine was visited by deputies of the European Parliament from five countries: Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain. They met with Ukrainian parliamentarians and representatives of the Lviv Civil-military administrations.

Lithuanian members of the European Parliament Petras Austrevicius:

We cannot fail to respond to such victims among civilians in the 21st century in central Europe. There are two ways to end this war: collective victory or collective defeat. Of course, the second option does not suit us because it is a war against the whole of Europe. Personally, I see few people who support modern Russian politics, but they are also there. Our main task is to make decisions that would lead Ukraine to victory.

"Indeed, we are late in making certain decisions, but I have never seen such solidarity and support from Europe. We understand the inhumane methods used by Russia's leadership against Ukrainians. There must be even more political, economic, and military support from us.

Now I see significant changes. There are about 20-30 members in the European Parliament, whom I can call Putin's agents. They do not support our resolutions and actions. But the vast majority of us are becoming more and more supporters of Ukraine in the European Parliament every day. Our task is to think about turning our decisions into action so that Ukraine can win the war faster. We need to increase macro-financial and military assistance.

We had the idea of creating a European-Ukrainian forum, so we arrived in Lviv with our colleagues. The activities of this forum will be aimed at making Ukraine a member of the EU. It is too early to talk about deadlines. We will lobby the interests of Ukraine, carry out reforms, rebuild the country after the war. I think Lviv is a great place to start our initiative.

To achieve this, we need to lobby the interests of Ukraine, carry out reforms, think about how Ukraine will be rebuilt after the war. But let's consider Lviv as the city where we are launching this initiative. You have to remember that our real strength is that we are friends. We are already communicating on an informal level, and we have common goals to win together.

We will win, and this will be our joint victory. Glory to Ukraine!