Official Address by the Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine O.O. Moroz

28 September 2007, 15:05

Official Address by the Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine O.O. Moroz


Dear Compatriots,


On the eve of this important event, the Ballot for the Electoral Lists of Parties and Blocs,

I would like to address you with the following words:

A month of campaigning for or against different politicians has come to an end.

You may choose to believe what you have heard, read or seen. Conversely, you may choose not to believe it. This is your right. However, tomorrow you will have to make a decision. You will make it by yourself, having previously exchanged views and opinions with your relatives and friends.


The reasons underlying this boisterous campaign are far from those declared. However, it will not be the politicians or the authorities who will have the decisive word on this. It will be you who will have this responsibility, drawing on your own vision of the developments in this country, the developments infringing on you interests, since you can't keep away from the political life. It is you who can stop despotism, and can say ‘no´ to blocking the proceedings of the Constitutional Courts, or call a halt to the practice of using the Military by those clinging to the power, as was the case was of 26 May. Advances along this path must also be stopped by us.


I hope things will turn out just as I have said: based on your own experiences and your beliefs you will exercise your right and your obligation to contribute to the formation of the one consolidated legislative body of our State.


May your choice be unaffected by any outside influences, or through instructions from a 'boss', or by any allusions to a possible control of the way you vote, and certainly not with money offered for your voice! Be independent and be responsible. Each voice adds to the flow of the people´s will and each voice is decisive and equal. Therefore I beseech you, please come to the Polling Stations so that no one is tempted to use your right. Also please check if any of your acquaintances abroad at this time are incorrectly recorded among the voters.


I address these important words to the members of Election Committees, the Observers and all those involved in the organization and running of this election.


Please forget the 'Directives' you received from various parties. You should only be governed by the Law on Election and the Law in general, which implies liability for its violation. This liability may not seem binding (especially as regards our 'upper strata') but there is not one single voter who can be given a guarantee by whosoever that he will escape punishment, should he infringe the Law. Think of yourself and your relatives. Those inciting you to violations will once again try to avoid liability, and they will leave no traces of their malicious intent. However, if you should carry out any such concrete deeds you will be personally liable.


My dear Friends,


After the election daily life will once more continue as before. Whatever the outcome, the passions and feelings that ran high will settle down, and in the end everything will depend upon the circumstances created for you by the Power to enable you to maximize your potential in the workplace.

I wish each and every one of you wisdom and common sense in your deliberations, and I send to you personally my very best wishes for good health, success and happiness in your life ahead.