The Government Intends to Increase the Level of Responsibility of Local Government Authorities

09 October 2007, 07:40

A relevant Bill on amendments in Paragraphs 6 and 20 of the Law 'On Services in the Local Government Authorities' is currently under consideration in the State Organisation, Regional Policy and Local Government Committee.


The Central Civil Service Department of Ukraine, as stated in the Bill (Reg. no 4074). will take over the supervisory functions relating to the implementation by the Local Government Authorities of the Laws 'On Services in the Local Government Authorities'. 'On Anti-Corruption' and other legislative instruments relating to the service in Local Government Authorities.


The requirement to draft this Bill is necessary because the Standing Orders of the Central Civil Service Department, as ratified by the Edict of the President of Ukraine dd.02.10.99, impose on the Central Civil Department the supervisory functions relating to enforcement of the laws 'On Civil Service', and 'On Anti-Corruption' by the Local Government Authorities, whereas this function is absent in the Law 'On the Service in the Local Government Authorities'.


Also, Paragraph 11 of the above Law requires that Ukrainian citizens, at the time of their employment by Local Government bodies or election to above bodies, take the Oath of Local Government Officers. At the same time, legislation makes no reference to the level of responsibility concerning any breach of this Oath.


The instigator of this Bill believes that the proposed amendments will work towards improving supervision of the enforcement of the legislation concerning services in Local Government Authorities, and also in the fight against corruption.