The document reads that "the said Address was approved and forwarded due to extraordinary circumstances surrounding the final stage of a long-lasting process launched by the conclusion of the Agreement between Ukraine and the United States concerning assistance rendered to Ukraine to eliminate strategic nuclear weapon and prevent the spread of mass-destruction weapons of 25 October 1993".  


"Ukrainian-American cooperation was productive and responsible. However, in May 2003, notwithstanding the validity of the Agreement of 25 October 1993, the American Party unilaterally declared suspension of financial support", - reads the Address.


Under current conditions, The Verkhovna Rada states that "the USA still fails to fund the process of propellant utilization".


The Parliament members believe that satisfaction of the said need will correspond to the principles of strategic partnership between Ukraine and the USA and secure full-fledged realization of commitments concerning elimination of nuclear weapon in Ukraine.


Hence, The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine addresses the Congress of the United States of America with a request to settle the matter concerning funding in order to secure completion of propellant utilization and realization of all actions aimed at elimination of nuclear weapon in Ukraine, in compliance with the Agreement of 25 October 1993.


A relevant Bill was registered under Reg. No. 4310.



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