Today Ukraine celebrates the Day of Rocket and Space Industry Workers. The full-scale war has demonstrated that the country that has its own missiles and a developed rocket and space industry has much more chances and opportunities in confronting the enemy.

“Few people think about it, but the war for Ukraine's independence is going on every second not only on the front line, but also in space,” said Dmytro Kysylevskyi, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development. “The State Space Agency of Ukraine ensures a constant exchange of information with hundreds of satellites belonging to partner countries. This allows our headquarters to make prompt decisions that save the lives of thousands of people and deliver devastating blows to the occupiers.

The current war demonstrates how important it is for a state to develop its own space industry. Our partner countries provide us with images of enemy positions, but this largely depends on whether their president will not change after the elections.

Moreover, partner countries provide us with missiles with a very limited range, while there are still specialists who not only designed but also manufactured missiles that are many times more capable than ATACMS and Storm Shadow.

We have to remember that in the early 1990s, there were about 600 specialised enterprises in Ukraine involved in the development of rocket and space technology, employing more than 250,000 qualified specialists. In relatively peaceful times, we paid too little attention to the development of the rocket component and now we are paying a high price for it.

Today, the rocket and space industry in Ukraine is actively reviving. The war left the country with no other choice. It is time to catch up and eventually regain the lost ground. The state must pay sufficient attention to the development of its own rocket science and industry. The war proves this to us every day.”

We thank the workers, engineers and designers who continue to do their job, as well as everyone involved in the space sector, for your work and for your faith in the future of Ukrainian space and Ukrainian rocket technology.

Your work brings our Victory closer!

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