The members of the Committee met with representatives of the official delegation of the Kingdom of Denmark to Ukraine, headed by the Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities of the Kingdom of Denmark, Lars Aagaard.

During the meeting, the heads of the subcommittees, in accordance with their respective terms of reference, informed the delegation about the current state of the Ukrainian energy sector in the context of the war with russia.

On behalf of the Ukrainian parliament, the Committee Chairman Andrii Gerus thanked the Danish side for its assistance to the Ukrainian energy sector. Over the two years of war, Denmark has contributed about EUR 11 million to the Energy Support Fund for Ukraine.

In response, Lars Aagaard emphasised his readiness for long-term support for Ukraine and announced the allocation of USD 5.8 million to restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

“22 March was a shock for the whole of Denmark. It was believed that with the end of the heating season in Ukraine, the threats to the energy sector had also passed. However, the russians have only intensified their attacks, so Denmark is ready to provide Ukraine with additional assistance in the form of energy equipment and make another contribution to the Energy Support Fund in the amount of USD 5.8 million,” said the Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities of Denmark.

According to the Chair of the Subcommittee on Energy Security, Viktoriia Hryb, Denmark has considerable experience in developing renewable energy, which will be especially useful for Ukraine in the process of building a decentralised energy system.

Viktoriia Hryb drew attention to the importance of the Danish government's assistance in attracting investment in the Ukrainian economy, as well as the possibility of mutually beneficial partnerships at the level of Danish and Ukrainian energy companies, both public and private.

It is important that in 2025 Denmark will chair the EU Council of Ministers for six months. As Lars Aagaard noted, one of the key tasks for Copenhagen during these six months will be to facilitate Ukraine's integration into the European Union as much as possible.

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