On 3 April 2024, the Committee on Economic Development held a roundtable discussion on “Dialogue with international companies on investments in the Ukrainian economy in times of war”.

The event was attended by members of the Parliament of Ukraine – members of the Committee on Economic Development, representatives of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Board of PJSC Export Credit Agency, the Chairman of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, as well as representatives of business circles and international companies that have announced or already made investments in Ukraine during the full-scale war.

Government officials informed the international partners about the status of implementation of certain state support instruments, such as investment nannies, war risk insurance, industrial parks, etc. The business community expressed its desire to improve the predictability of the regulatory environment and to increase the state's attention not only to new investors but also to those who have been operating in Ukraine for a long time despite the war.

“We are grateful to the companies that, despite the full-scale war, decided not only to stay in Ukraine, but also to invest and develop their production facilities,” said the Committee Chairman Dmytro Natalukha.

This is critically important given that it is the taxes paid in Ukraine that directly fund the Defence Forces of Ukraine. That is why we want to hear from such companies and create conditions for their further development in Ukraine.”

Following the roundtable, proposals will be developed to improve the existing instruments of state support for investments, especially those made during a full-scale war, to be taken into account in the course of the legislative and controlling functions of the Parliament.

At the same time, the Committee on Economic Development remains open for communication and will continue bilateral communication to ensure the best possible conditions for business development during the war.

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