“The challenges we faced last year during the autumn-winter period have become an impetus for our power engineers to find new and useful solutions for the Ukrainian energy sector and its security. In particular, with regard to the development of small distributed generation,” – Andrii Gerus, the Chairman of the Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities, said in his speech at the Energy Security Forum 2024.

For its part, the Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities adopted a number of laws that contributed to strengthening the country's energy security. In particular, the Law on Green Transformation was adopted, which stimulated the development of renewable energy generating capacities.

“Over the year, we have quite good indicators: about 190 MW of wind power plants, about 500 MW of solar power plants and about 100 MW of gas power plants were commissioned. Given the shortage of generating capacities in certain periods, “green” generation significantly helps to ensure the stable operation of the power system,” said the Chairman of the Committee.

Andrii Gerus expressed hope that this year Ukraine will continue the trend of green energy development and develop balancing capacities.

“I also believe that 2024 will be a year of investment and launch of energy storage facilities. I think we will not see isolated cases, as it was before, but a number of interesting and useful projects for the energy system,” he added.

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