The Committee on Energy, Housing and Communal Services chaired by Viktoriia Hryb and Liudmyla Buimister held a constituent meeting of the working group on the development and parliamentary oversight of the implementation of the National Action Plan to respond to the threat to chemical, bacteriological, radiation and nuclear safety (CBRN).

The russian invasion of Ukraine, events in the Middle East and the response to them indicate that the risks associated with possible CBRN incidents are growing, posing a serious threat on an international scale.

“Ukraine, being at war, is obliged not only to take into account security changes in the world, but also to prepare for them,” said Viktoriia Hryb, the Chair of the Subcommittee on Energy Security, “Today we are starting to work on improving the legislation in the field of chemical, bacteriological, radiation and nuclear safety that would meet the requirements of wartime. The current CBRN standards were created for peacetime. It is necessary to adapt them to military realities.”

During the inaugural meeting of the working group, the composition, regulations and work plan of the working group were approved, and the participation of the parliamentary delegation in the international forum of the Global Partnership against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction, which will be held in Rome in February, was initiated.

“Our main task is to develop a system of countering CBRN threats that would make it impossible to use bacteriological, chemical and nuclear weapons,” said Viktoriia Hryb.

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