Brussels' audit of military assistance provided by the European Union member states to Ukraine since russia's full-scale invasion will help to intensify support at various levels.

This was stated by the MP, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Interparliamentary Cooperation Oleksandr Merezhko.

“The European Union has decided to audit the military and technical assistance provided to Ukraine by its member states, whether they fulfill their commitments and promises made earlier. When it comes to the war of attrition, it is important to talk about resources, because the will to win is not enough,” the politician noted.

As an example, he cited the Baltic states, which allocate a significant portion of their GDP to help Ukraine.

“That is why there is an initiative to provide support to our country - military, technical, humanitarian and material – within a certain percentage of GDP. I think it would be right, because countries are different, and each has its own economic capabilities. It is important that recently there has been a very important psychological shift in the mindset of European countries: they have clearly realized that Ukraine is fighting and protecting them. That is why it is in their interest to increase and provide maximum assistance to our country, which plays the role of a shield for the EU,” the parliamentarian emphasized.

He expressed his belief that the EU's support for Ukraine will definitely intensify.

In his opinion, the EU summit on February 1 has a very good chance of unblocking the allocation of financial assistance to our country, as European leaders are interested in this.

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