By signing a bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and the United Kingdom, London has once again confirmed that it can be the first. The United Kingdom was the first with the Challenger tanks, the first with the Storm Shadow missiles, and now it has become the first signatory to security agreements.

This was stated by Yehor Chernev, the MP, Deputy Chairman of the relevant parliamentary committee, Head of the Permanent Delegation of Ukraine to the NATO PA.

“For Ukraine, the signing of such a security agreement means that we will now receive assistance not just at the level of Ramstein, but on a voluntary basis. This document is a commitment of the United Kingdom to help Ukraine until we become a NATO member. This includes financial assistance, arms assistance, intelligence assistance, cybersecurity assistance. This is now the UK's commitment. It will be on a permanent basis,” the politician said.

He expressed hope that the two countries would actively develop cooperation in the defense industry.

“I hope that we will produce together not only Storm Shadow, but also longer-range missiles that will be able to reach not only the occupied Crimea, but also further afield. The agreement covers both joint production and technology. It is important that the signature document does not mean that Britain will fight for us with its own army. We will fight for us. But this is a commitment to how much and what the UK will provide us annually,” the MP emphasized.

He also added that negotiations on similar security agreements are underway with many countries. And it is the signing of the document with the UK that will give impetus to progress with other countries.

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