The adoption of draft laws on politically exposed persons this year, the expansion of the NACP's powers, the return of officials' declarations and similar anti-corruption steps will help cleanse the government and bring honest and responsible people to public office. This opinion was expressed by Oleksii Leonov, the MP, member of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy.

"We have adopted the draft law on politically exposed persons, which was required by both the EU and the IMF. It  notes that today an official is subject to financial monitoring for the rest of his life. So are their children and their entire environment. This becomes unpleasant for a person who does not want to be transparent. In addition, we have returned the declaration for officials, which was closed at the beginning of the war for security reasons. Today, it is completely transparent and open, anyone can come in and see what an official or MP has accumulated. The NACP will also have access to property acquired before the declarants were appointed to civil service positions," the MP commented.

In his opinion, the overall strengthening of the anti-corruption vertical in Ukraine will not significantly affect people's willingness to work in government agencies.

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