On July 6, the Ukrainian-Slovak Energy Forum "Integration of Ukrainian and European Energy Markets" took place in Transcarpathia. The event was initiated by the Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities Services and the parliamentary group on inter-parliamentary relations with the Slovak Republic.
The main task of the forum is to present the vision of Ukraine's energy system integration into the European energy system ENTSO-E, Ukraine's gas transmission system into the European network of ENTSOG gas transmission system operators, and to discuss opportunities for economic growth in the western region of Ukraine through competitive electricity and natural gas markets.
During the forum, participants discussed the integration of Ukrainian and European energy systems;  energy as a driver of economic development of the region;  the role of the Ukrainian GTS; the Nord Stream-2.
The Chairperson of the Committee is convinced that the integration of the Ukrainian and European energy markets is an issue that everyone is dealing with: the Parliament, the Government, the system operator and the Ministry.
The Chairperson of the Committee also noted that the Parliament, for its part, actively promotes the integration process of Ukraine. Andriy Gerus stressed that the synchronization of energy systems will promote competition in the markets, as their work will be based on European rules, where the abuse of market power or price manipulation will be impossible.
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