Adopted the Resolution No. 2739 “On the Statement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Connection with the Seventh Anniversary of the Beginning of the Euromaidan and the Events of the Revolution of Dignity.”
The document is aimed at drawing the attention of Ukrainian society and the international community to the Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity.
The Resolution includes the position of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on defining the Revolution of Dignity as one of the key moments of Ukrainian statehood and an exponent of the national idea of freedom; inadmissibility of delays in the investigation of the ‘Maidan cases’; the importance of remembering the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred; inadmissibility of usurpation of power; condemnation of illegal actions of certain employees of Berkut police units and certain policepersons, servicepersons of internal troops, bailiffs, prosecutors, judges, other persons during the Revolution of Dignity; the importance of peaceful assembly and the inadmissibility of arbitrariness.
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