Included in these are 4 matters related to the supervision of implementation of Laws and Resolutions.


The Committee had elaborated on 17 Bills falling within its scope. The Verkhovna Rada has passed 4 Laws and 3 Resolutions introduced by the Committee,  and 4 Bills have been approved at the First Reading. 2 Bills have been rejected.


The Committee has issued 21 Expert Opinions on Bills which are within the scope of other Parliamentary Committees.


The Committee has considered the current state of, and prospects for, the development of the Military-industrial complex, and Aircraft construction sector.


It has resolved to hold Committee hearings on the current state of, and incentives for, the extension of the Export component of the Military-industrial complex.


At its field meetings, The Committee has, in great detail, studied the matters of reformation of The Security Service of Ukraine, The State Frontier Security Service of Ukraine, the External Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Ukraine´s State Service for Special-Purpose Communications and Information Protection, and The Central Intelligence Agency at The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.


The Committee Members received individuals concerned with the insufficient funding of the Armed Forces, impeding the resolving of Social issues. The most urgent matters brought to Members´ attention were the provision of Accommodation, and Health improvement in sanatoria for Servicemen, Discharges, and their families.


The Committee also held several meeting with members of International Organisations, Embassies and Military Organisations, to discuss the issues of International and Regional Security, and the involvement of Ukraine in Peacemaking missions and Military Engineering cooperation.


To date, there are 51 Documents under consideration by The Committee.


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