To Ukraine's Standardization and Metrology Community


Dear Friends,


Please accept my congratulations on your Occupational Holiday and the World Standards Day.


This year's motto 'Standards and the Citizen: Contributing to Society' highlight the vital importance of Standards for the  existence and further progress of mankind, as they provide access to the cutting-edge achievements of science and technology, along with a variety of products and services worldwide.


We meet standards in all spheres of our everyday lives and in business; they embrace every aspect of human activities: environmental protection, security, health, access to information and knowledge, and the establishment of a fully-fledged civil society in Ukraine


Measurements are used in all areas of human activities. 'Measure seven times prior to cutting´ - in this wise proverb our people have coded the significance of measurements as a component of overall human activities. Therefore metrology is a fundamental science providing a super-important method of achieving accuracy and traceability in measurement, and in applied science a basis for the whole of today's production. It applies to National legislation and International legal agreements, industrial and technological practice, and the provision of accuracy control functions in arbitration tests, product tests, etc.


This is how broad and vitally important is your area of operation. Therefore I wish each of you energy that provides creativity, rewarding investigations and new discoveries in your field, together with good health, happiness with your families, wealth and prosperity, and success in furthering the progress of our young State.


Olexander Moroz

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