The Meeting stressed that an Abstract from the Minutes of the Constituent Assembly of the People's Deputies of Ukraine elected from a political party or Electoral Bloc of political parties, concerning  the organisation of Deputy Factions, shall be submitted for the Organisation and Registration of the Deputy Factions; and an Abstract from the Minutes of The General Assembly of People's Deputies of Ukraine, concerning the creation of a Coalition, shall be submitted for the Creation and Registration of a Coalition of Deputy Factions  in  The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 6th Convocation.


Also touched on were other Documents for submission to The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, including the Statement of Organisation of the Deputy Faction or Coalition; their Membership; Individual Application by a People's Deputy for membership of a Deputy Faction, and the Text of Agreement on  the Coalition of Deputy Factions together with the Membership Lists of Deputy Factions creating the Coalition, etc.


As regards the Subject Matter of the Committees, the definition of the Legislative Activities Guidelines (Draft Legislative Acts on Laws, on Legislative Acts, Legislative provision of the activities of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and other Central Executive Authorities, etc), together with the Legislative regulation of Legal Assistance provision (Legislative Acts on Advocacy)  shall be preferably added to the scope of  the Juridical Policy Committee


Since Fire Safety matters fall, by virtue of the Law 'On Fire Safety', within the scope of the State Committee of Environmental Policy, Nature Management and Overcoming the Chornobyl Disaster Aftermath, they should also be provided for, at Legislative level, by the relevant Parliamentary Committee.


The Meeting noted, that included in the scope of the Finance and Banking Committee is the issue of illegal ‘money laundering´ prevention. The Sub-group members suggested that relevant clarification is made to the Organised Crime and Corruption Combating Committee, concerning the liability for legalisation (laundering) of income derived from crime.


Matters relating to the Regulation of Public Purchases, etc should be included within the scope of The Economic Policy Committee.


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