The Bill (Reg. No. 3715) is submitted by the People´s Deputies M. Sadovyi and I. Bondarchuk.

The authors deem necessary to adopt the proposed amendments in view of frequent refusal of the officials of the Pension Fund of Ukraine to grant an old-age pension on preferential terms to the tractor drivers, milkmaids and other categories of agriculture workers who are engaged in farming work during all the agricultural productive period and have right of receiving pension on preferential terms.     

The People´s Deputies state that the citizens who retire are required to present archive documents of liquidated collective farms (kolhosps), State farms (radhosps), collective agricultural enterprises that are often irrevocably lost. The Bill envisages the following procedure: in case the archival documents are lost or the requirements of their keeping in liquidated agricultural enterprises or those in the stage of liquidation are violated, the following documents should be accepted as confirming for granting old-age pension on the preferential terms: workbooks, relevant court decisions, testimony of three or more witnesses and other documents that confirm true facts of implementing certain official duties.

According to the People´s Deputies, adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Pension Provision" will improve legislation in the sphere of pension provision.  

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