These proposals are recognised in the Bill amending the Law ‘On State Aid to Families with Children´, Registered in The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


The Bill (Reg.  No. 1098) envisages the granting of the right to support towards  the Education and Medical Treatment of a child to one of the child´s parents or foster parents having two or more children, and the said child must be living at home with the parent.


Entitled to this Aid an individual must be domiciled and registered in Ukraine, must have a legal parent´s or guardian´s rights, and must also have a child born after 1 June 2007.


Monies, paid out in Aid, are intended for this stated purpose, and can only be used for the support of a young person studying at a  State  or Municipal  Vocational  or Higher Educational establishment.  Similarly as regards medical treatment, Aid can only be used for the young person´s treatment in a State or Municipal Medical Treatment or Prevention establishment.


Also,  the right to use this Aid towards the education or treatment of any child or young person  will  only come into effect  three years after the individual entitled to receive such Aid on behalf of the young person, has received confirmation of his/her Registration.


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