Participants of the meeting discussed the procedure of the Roll-call Vote to resolve the matter of the Appointment of The Prime Minister of Ukraine on Tuesday 18 December.

A Sitting of the Returning Board, to consider all technical aspects of such voting in terms of the Standing Orders, is scheduled for today. The Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine emphasized the importance of the strict adherence to the Roll-call Voting procedures as defined earlier, and a demonstration by the MPs of their responsibilities and mutual respect.

The Meeting succeeded in finalizing the procedure for the assignment of the Senior positions in the Parliamentary Committees.

The Faction Leaders settled the basic principle underlining the assignment of the Senior positions in the Parliamentary Committees: in the event that a Committee Chairman belongs to the Parliamentary majority, the positions of the first Vice-Chairman and Secretary should be assigned to a minority representative, and vice versa.

The matter of the Committee Managing Body membership will be tabled once the personal membership of each of the Committees has been defined.

The Leaders of The Party of Regions Factions have undertaken to submit their proposals on the personal membership of the Committees by the end of the day.

Concerning the Election of Deputies of The Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, those attending the meeting resolved to have their positions finally settled at the next meting of the Conciliatory Council at 3 pm on Thursday 18 December.


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