To the Staff of the SE ‘SIPE The Publishing House

‘Naukova Dumka´ of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the 85th Anniversary of Ukraine´s oldest Publishing House.


The staff members of the Publishing House have appropriately capably proceeded with their noble mission of enlightenment, having become a spiritual leader and exponent of its people, a specific reflection of the glorious and tragic pages of our history.


It is thanks to you that the whole of Ukraine uses  Ukrainian Orthography, Russian-Ukrainian Dictionary of Scientific Terminology, dictionaries of Ukrainian language synonyms,  words of foreign origin, proper names, fixed word combinations and accents, and  volumes on Ukrainian literary word usage.  By means of books from ‘Schoolchildren´s Library´ we discovered the world, studied the works of celebrities, and became absorbed in the inimitable written masterpieces.


I believe that the creative potential and experiences of 85 years will ensure you to remain at the cutting edge, and engage in publishing business the coming generations of Ukrainians.


I wish you even greater fulfillment in your creativity, for the sake of Ukrainian and World literature.


Arseniy Yatseniuk


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