These proposals are included in the Bill ‘On Amendments and Additions to Clauses 146 and 150 of the Land Code of Ukraine, introduced to The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the People´s Deputies P. Symonenko and O. Tkachenko.

The Bill ( Reg. No.1027) creates a Right of the State Authorities and Local Governments to buy out plots of land and land shares, owned by individuals and legal entities, to meet the social needs of extracting natural resources of National significance and the creation of State-run agricultural enterprises.

The Bill also envisages 'where so agreed with the owner of a land plot or share undergoing such a buyout by the State Authority or Local Government, a similar plot, whose cost should be included in the buyout price, shall be provided.'

The necessity of drafting this Bill, states the Explanatory Note, is of vital importance for the National economy, together with the constant need for creation of a legislative framework for industrial regulation of the extraction of mineral resources of National significance, and the setting up of large agricultural businesses.

The authors underline that 'Resulting from the implementation of the Land Reform leading to the reallocation of land, and introduction of private land ownership, a large number of land owners have been created, both individuals and legal entities. At the same time, the process of extraction of mineral resources heavily depends in the timely allocation of land, and the relevant social interest in land is to be satisfied by using the land in private ownership of individuals and legal entities'.


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