The Committee on economic policy is considering the relevant Bill "On Industrial Parks".  

The Bill (Reg. No. 3744) determines legal foundations for establishment and functioning of industrial parks in Ukraine. According to the Bill, the parks are divided into State, communal and private. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passes the resolution about their establishment.  The industrial park can be located on the non-agricultural land under State, communal or private ownership on the area of 20-700 hectares. 

The Bill includes the statement concerning relations formed whilst establishment and functioning of the industrial park and also those concerning land lease of managing company with the purpose of industrial park establishment. It is also presumed that the territory of industrial park can not be exploited for construction of residential buildings or living quarters.

The Bill envisages rendering State aid to the company that manages the industrial park, namely compensation of interest for using long-term bank credits at the amount of the National Bank rate that is effective in the time of charging interest for credit use.

Moreover, the managing companies and participants of the industrial parks are expected to submit annual report on their activity under the procedure established by the State Statistics Committee.

According to the authors, the adoption of the Bill will facilitate investment and innovational activity, creation of advanced technology manufactures, increase of amount and range of output etc.

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