A Bill (Reg. No. 4001), submitted by the People´s Deputy S. Husarov, aims at provision of safe conditions for the traffic participants, citizens´ health and life preservation and increase of effective influence on the discipline of traffic participants by clear determination of legal sanctions for committed offences.   

The Bill envisages amendments to the Administrative Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "On Traffic" regarding determining the grounds for instituting proceedings for violation of traffic regulations. The Bill also envisages establishment and conducting of automated registration of administrative violations in the traffic safety field.

According to the author, the adoption of the Bill will secure the following:decrease of accident rate on the roads and streets of Ukraine; improvement of traffic safety due to increase of discipline of drivers and pedestrians; relief of court bodies from ineffective work concerning inflicting administrative penalties for violation of traffic regulations; saving of State funds;  increase of revenue from fines for violation of traffic regulations due to establishment of the payment control system.

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