To the Ukrainian Teachers' Community


Dear Teachers,


I cannot think of any other vocation in our world today that is more responsible than yours. It is not simply one young man, a whole class, or even a complete generation that a Teacher educates and nurtures. The Teacher educates the all of the nation, doing so by walking beside each child on his path of discovery, finding and nurturing his talents, and of even greater important, sensing his anxious soul, getting to know his personality, his aspirations and physical potential all that the individual will depend on and need throughout his journey in life. Unfortunately the Teacher does not always receive thanks for this by the students, and more so by the State.


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine does all it can, within its power, to raise the Teacher´s authority legally, to provide for his welfare, and to create suitable and adequate conditions for the vocation of teaching within the schools. These laws should provide guidance for the whole of society, which must retain and keep to the old Ukrainian tradition of bowing one´s head before a teacher, a tradition continued even by those who would not remove their cap even in the face of extreme danger! This courtesy is aimed at upgrading the Teacher´s status to a level reflecting our concern in the future of our people and the country.


I wish each and every one of you kindness and joy, much happiness and good health, as well as love and respect for many years ahead.


Remember the reverence with which the words ‘Here comes the Teacher´ are spoken.



Olexander Moroz

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