The Sub-group, Co-ordinated by Valentyn Matveiev, confirmed their preliminary approval of the Seating Configuration for the People's Deputies' Factions in the Assembly Room. The final Seating Configuration shall be discussed at the Meeting of the Preparatory Deputy Group on Tuesday 20 November.


Also discussed were the matters of the provision of appropriate facilities and requirements for the activities of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 6th Convocation and its bodies, the status of the People's Deputies', their accommodation and facilities necessary for the carrying-out of their duties.


The Sub-group carried a proposal to accommodate the newly-elected Deputies in the Hotel Kyiv and  subsequently discuss the provision of appropriate Rented Accommodation for the People's Deputies. The Deputies will be accommodated in the hotel Kyiv commencing 21 November.


Other matters under consideration included the provision of transport for the People's Deputies and also the allocation of Offices within The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


Special attention was drawn to the necessary provision of all the necessary facilities for the Faction Secretariats and the allocation of appropriate rooms for the meetings of the largest Deputy Factions.

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