These proposals are included in the Bill amending the Law ‘On Support of Social Formation/ and Development of Youth in Ukraine; submitted to The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the Deputy V. Pysarenko.


Among other provisions, this Bill (Reg. No.1100) provides an opportunity to grant credits towards the refurbishment of housing, which is not allowed for by the current Law. A credit can be provided for a 30-year term or shorter, as defined by the lender.


The calculation of the credits towards purchasing or refurbishing housing, would be based on the standard rate, i.e. 21 sq. m per each family member plus 20 sq m per family.


Also envisaged is the crediting of expenses connected with the preparation and registration of Purchase Contracts or the refurbishment of housing . Credits towards the setting up of a basic household,( i.e. purchasing basic furniture and undertaking straightforward repair works) in a new housing will be granted to the amount of 5% of the cost of purchased or constructed (refurbished) housing.


The Author of the Bill stresses that the ‘The State Programme for Youth Housing Provision in 2002/12 from the Budget Monies and Non-budget Sources´ adopted by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, sets out the following predicted requirement for funds towards Youth Housing provision:

160 mln Hryvnias in 2008, 140 mln Hryvnias in 2009, 100 mln Hryvnias in 2010, 20 mln Hryvnias in 2011, and 20 mln Hryvnias in 2012.


Each of the above-specified totals should be increased by 5.7% take into account the amendments to the Law as proposed in the Bill, advises V. Pysarenko, totalling 8 to 11.2 mln Hryvnias in 2008, 7 to 9. 8 mln Hryvnias in 2009, 5 to 7 mln Hryvnias in 2010, and 1 to 1.4 mln Hryvnias in each of years 2011 and 2012.


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