To Ukrainian   Agricultural Workers


Dear Friends. Tillers and Reapers of the Fertile Ukrainian fields, Cattle-Breeders,  Machine-Operators, Scientists all those giving  their life to the  Farming Industry,


Please accept my sincere congratulations on your Special Day!


It is rightly considered our National holiday as the  health, wellbeing, happiness and blossoming of the whole Ukrainian nation is dependent on your work  Whatever transformations undergo  your sector, its success can only be achieved due to your diligence,  innate feeling of a master on one's own land and responsibility for one's work,



Despite an extremely difficult Ukrainian State development background, a lack of co-ordination in the industry which is your livelihood, and at a time when an unreliable or unfair marketplace and pricing policy exists, you have still managed to increase the output of agricultural products, gradually filling our market with these products and satisfying the demands of the food processing industry.  By improving the competitive stance of your output, you are making a valid contribution to the substantial export potential of our country.  For this, you deserve Glory and the Respect of the People!


Please accept my sincere gratitude for your hard yet vitally important work, for your love of the land and your ability to manage it successfully.


I wish you all a very happy holiday with the good company of your  dear guests. Enjoy your achievements so far, and look forward to planning your future. I wish you success, the accomplishment of new and great things, happiness, and the love and respect of your family. You deserve it!


Olexander Moroz


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