On The Court Worker's Day



 May I respectfully extend my heartfelt congratulations to all Court Workers in Ukraine.


History confirms that it is in the hands of Judges that the Law is actually enforced, and becomes a tool affecting people's fate, and at times even that of the whole society or nation. The political and economic stability in Ukraine, and the wellbeing of its citizens, depends considerably on the wisdom and reasoning of Court Rulings.


Society has always relied strongly on those providing Constitutional guarantees for the realisation of the principle of Law Supremacy, and the actual protection of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of the individual through administration of justice. Today, throughout the fundamental changes faced by our society, there is no sphere of activities that falls beyond the jurisdiction of the Court.


Our citizens are looking forward to a Judicial Reform, based on well thought-out concepts, and underpinned by your experience and Judge's wisdom, which will lead to a fair administration of justice in Ukraine.


I believe that your impartiality, neutrality, fidelity to principles, together with your compassion, will ensure the Courts' ability to provide an effective administration of justice, adherence to Law, protection of social and State interests, and indefeasible Rights and Freedoms of each and every individual citizen.


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will continue its efforts to enhance the provision of Court activities, achieve independence and immunity for Judges at all levels, and create the necessary conditions for the administration of justice.


May your expert skills, experience and knowledge further continue your work towards a higher level of legal awareness in our society.


I wish all Judges, Court Staff Members and the State Court Administration, much happiness, good health, further success in the fulfilment of the Judicial and Legal Reform in Ukraine, inexhaustible energy and renewed enthusiasm in your duties, for the benefit of our Motherland!




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