A relevant Bill, amending Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine 'On Advertisement' (to ban the media advertising of Medicines and Healing Services) has been submitted to The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the People's Deputy, N. Shufrych.


The Bill (Reg. No.1103) creates a legislative ban on open advertising on TV, radio and the printed media, of medicines, cosmetic products, food, vitamin supplements and other food additives (with their confirmed medicinal benefits), folk medicine services (healing) together with those providing them.


The Bill also envisages a ban on such advertising by means of telecommunications, including telephone; hoarding advertisements in built-up localities and in transport; advertisements shown on cinema screens, in videofilms and slide-shows, feature films and documentaries,  in video shops and other places of public screenings.


This kind of advertising will only be allowed, according to the Bill, when placed in medical establishments, pharmacies, specialist publications intended for medical establishments and doctors; or distributed at medical seminars, conferences and symposia.


The author believes that the passing of this Bill will prevent individuals from using medicines or referring to healing services, prior to consulting a doctor for an expert diagnosis. A qualified doctor will take into account the individual's physiological body features and contra-indications; thus contributing to a reduction in the sickness rate and an improvement in the working ability of Ukrainian citizens.


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