To the Citizens of Chernihiv Region


Please accept my sincere congratulations on the 75th Anniversary of the creation of the region.


The history of Polissia can trace its roots back to ancient times. Its pages are filled with the glorious and heroic as well as the bitter and tragic events, and in particular the struggle to found a great Slavic State Kyivan Rus, the repulsion of the Mongol invasion and later the Peasants´ and Cossacks´ uprisings, The Ukrainian People´s National Liberation War headed by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, and the heroism of soldiers during The Great Patriotic War.


The hallowed Chernihiv land is rich in talents. It was here that Maria Zankovetska began her theatrical career; in Sosnytsia, on the anks of the River Desna, Olexander Dovzhenko, a renowned film producer, was born and spent his childhood; here the unique talents of the sculptor Ivan Martos came to light, as were those of the composers Levko Revutsky and Hryhoriy Veriovka, and the great masters of the written word Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky and Pavlo Tychyna.


Bathed in breathtaking and exquisite beauty are the aloof Trostianets, pensive Kachanivka, and legendary and tragic Baturyn.


The indefatigable and talented hands of the Chernihivians cultivate the choicest potatoes, provide its country with health-giving milk, sew garments from Polissian silk and fashionable textiles produced by the famous Cheksil Company, manufacture high-grade cord, robust fire-fighting equipment, up-to-date telephone exchanges and gentle melodic banduras


Today, the Chernihiv Region possesses all the prerequisites for its prosperity and growth: strong and well-established economic, intellectual, and environmental  potential, modern well-equipped businesses operating in  the food, machine-building, woodworking, pulp and paper, light and agrarian sectors, not  to mention the diligent, talented, warm-hearted and hospitable individuals who are creating cutting-edge technologies and tending large crops.  These are people who are proud of their past and most worthy of their future.


Thus I am wishing you all good health, joy and happiness with your families, wealth and prosperity, and inexhaustible energy for new achievements in this your lavish Ukrainian land!    



Olexander Moroz

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