The Sub-group Coordinators reported on the previously prepared Draft documents.


Those attending the Meeting approved the majority of the submitted Draft Resolutions prepared by the Sub-group responsible for the Ceremonial Meeting, Opening of the First Session, the Appointment of the Interim Presidium, Returning Board and the Organisation of Duties, Election of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Leaders and Media coverage of the First Session of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


The Meeting also approved two Draft Resolutions on which the Sub-group had failed to reach agreement, ie on the Interim Presidium and Returning Board. Members of all political forces elected to The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 6th Convocation will be represented in the Interim Presidium: 1 Representative per each political force.


The number of Members in the Returning Board was approved. The Returning Board will consist of 20 Members, one Representative per each 20 People's Deputies. According to the Draft, the Party of Regions will delegate 8 Members to the Returning Board, BYuT 7 Members, 'Our Ukraine People's Self-Defence' Bloc 3 Members, CPU 1 Member, and The Lytvyn Bloc 1 Member.


The Meeting also approved the decision to invite Presidents of Ukraine, Speakers of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of preceding convocations, and Members of the Constitutional Court to the Ceremonial Meeting.


Carried unanimously by the Preparatory Deputy Group were the Motions from the Sub-group responsible for the Organisation of the Deputy Factions and the Coalition of Deputy Factions, and the List of Committees in The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 6th Convocation, together with their Subject Matter and Principles underlying their formation. The number of Committees will remain the same as in The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 5th Convocation. The Preparatory Deputy Group will advise that Parliament adopts the List of 26 Committees and the Ad Hoc Privatisation Supervisory Panel.


The subject of the organisation of Deputy Factions gave rise to a lively debate.. Various alternatives for a Deputy joining a Faction were put before the Meeting. The motion by Olexander Turchinov of BYuT was carried, requiring that a People's Deputy makes his/her own decision on the joining of a Deputy Faction, ie for the application there is a choice of using the People´s Deputy letterhead or a normal sheet of paper, either of which must be signed by the applicant personally.


The Preparatory Deputy Group seconded the proposals submitted by the Sub-group responsible for the Seating Configuration for the People's Deputies of Ukraine in the Assembly Room, the provision of appropriate facilities for the activities of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 6th Convocation and its bodies, the Administration of the Deputy's Authorities, the Status of the People's Deputies', their Accommodation, Facilities and other Requirements and Benefits required by them to carry out their duties.


The Seating Configuration of the People's Deputies in the Assembly Room of The Verkhovna Rada was seconded and carried without further discussion.


The Meeting also considered other organisational matters. Resulting from this discussion, the Sub-groups were assigned with drawing up proposals on some of these.


The next Meeting of the Preparatory Deputy Group will be held at 11 am on Thursday 22 November.


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