To Ukrainian Lawyers



Please accept my sincere congratulations on your Occupational Holiday, ‘Lawyer's Day´.


With your multifaceted activities, which have seen dramatic changes in the years since independence, you are positively contributing to Ukraine's progress in its aspiration to become a European-type democratic nation, whose greatest value is the supremacy of law together with the extending and defending of human rights and freedoms.


Your active involvement in the reformation of the State machinery and modernisation of our legal framework are greatly appreciated, and will enable Ukraine to integrate with European legal systems, further the dissemination of judicial knowledge and improve the social protection of the citizens.


I feel confident that through your superior professional skills and inherent responsibility for the future of society and the State, you will gain an even greater respect of the Ukrainian people, and elevate their confidence in you as representatives of justice, law, and order.


I wish each and every one of you success in your career and achievements, good health, wealth and prosperity.


Olexander Moroz

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