The Head o the Committee Davyd Zhvania stressed that the main tasks of the newly established committee are as follows: to establish the principles of decentralization and deconcentration of powers in the course of reforming the system of power administration; to reinforce and improve the legal system of local self-government and bring it into conformance with the basic norms of the Constitution of Ukraine and the European Charter of Local Self-Government; to codify the election legislation; to facilitate the establishment of immediate democracy; to develop the institutes of civil society; to solve burning problems of local communities; and to create necessary preconditions for their manifold development, etc.


Five subcommittees were established during the meeting. Members of the committee determined their titles, subjects of competence, composition and heads. They also distributed the obligations concerning the coordination of activity of subcommittees between the first deputy head and deputy heads of the Committee, and the secretary of the Committee.


The subcommittee on local self-government is headed by people’s deputy Yevhen Kartashov.


The subcommittee on election legislation and citizens unions is headed by people’s deputy Volodymyr Bondarenko.


The subcommittee on the bodies of executive power is headed by people’s deputy Oleh Bukhovets.


The subcommittee on state building is headed by people’s deputy Vasyl Hladiy.


The subcommittee on local budgets and municipal property is headed by people’s deputy Oleksandr Dudka.

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